Hololive Submod for Hearts of Minecraft Mod

2021.10.19 09:45 BypeTPN Hololive Submod for Hearts of Minecraft Mod

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2021.10.19 09:45 Daniel-Dm79 Any way to fit Fekir in there without having to get rid of the Ligue 1? Foden and J. David are tradeable

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2021.10.19 09:45 Missmatchgaming I’m back…

I’ve been better I guess. After the relationship I threw myself into an old hobby, and college. I’ve never like college or the idea but I figured i’d give it a shot. That combined with playing guitar has 100% taken up my schedule, which I think is a good thing.
I’ve been talking to this girl a little bit, but there’s no realism to that relationship. Still, it’s nice to have something else to think about when I fall asleep.
I can’t shake the dreams. I can’t stop waking up thinking about what could have been. How happy I was. How beautiful they were. I’m doing a lot better, and it only bothers me when I wake up now. My first thought is to check my phone for texts, or reach beside me and pull whatever is there closer. All I end up doing is pulling a pillow, and the sinking heart never wares off.
I know i’m probably being watched. On my social media i’m sure there are people reporting my every move, including reddit. So, this will probably be seen and honestly I can’t begin to care. The only thing helping me move on is hatred. So much hatred and anger.
Is that wrong?
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2021.10.19 09:45 NewsElfForEnterprise UPDATE 1-Delivery Hero buys minority stake in grocery delivery startup Gorillas

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2021.10.19 09:45 haebollago hostage in the trunk got excited

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2021.10.19 09:45 gayNsadrefrigerator How do I make my little brother (11m) realise that his friends aren't really his friends

Ok so my brother has always had trouble making friends and since he's a bit overweight and Asian kids love to make fun of him. He's been to like 3 different schools in the past 4-ish years and not a single one of them had worked out. The one he's at now is really bad but he refuses to admit it and doesn't want to move again because he has "friends" except all his friends suck. An example is that he spent like 6 months saving up for these shoes he really wanted, he did all his chores consistently everyday week and a month or so ago he finally got them and his friends said really mean things like "are they handmade" (in a degrading tone) and then he never wore them again. Another thing they did is when his school hosted pizza party at night where all the parents and kids got domino's none of his friends saved him a spot at their table or would move over for him so he had to sit with a group of girls he didn't know by himself.. It really breaks my heart to see my brother hanging around with such terrible kids but every single time I try to talk to him about it he screams and lashes out at me. I've tried talking this over with my mum but nothing she's done has worked either. What can I do to get him to listen to me?
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2021.10.19 09:45 TaroxCZ Playing Minecraft with this 3D texture pack feels like playing a different game. I hope my GPU won't burn :D

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2021.10.19 09:45 AffiliateLeakz 🔥AMC Stock - Why Today Change into Diverse... | Bullish

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2021.10.19 09:45 Brawl_Man4321 Glow Squid game. Memories from mob vote 2020

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2021.10.19 09:45 watchtowerreview Review: Enjoy Life Forever! (Part 8: Lesson 1 Final part)

The 'Final part' turned out to be much shorter as I dropped the "Explore section" and will do it only if requested.
Okay, so time to summarize:

The Bible offers advice for daily life, answers important questions, and gives people comfort and hope.
Nothing new to see here. Maybe we should focus on what we do not see: JW hope is based on the slaughter of billions of people. They somehow only give the nice part about hope without saying that it is not meant for anyone else than their people. If what they preached was true, the promise the Bible gives is not only comfort and hope but terror and carnage. Nice, isn’t it?
Then we have a review part to cement in what we are supposed to learn:
What kind of advice can we find in the Bible?
What are some questions that the Bible answers?
What would you like to learn from the Bible?
I will not use my tome to go through these extensively. This is like the questions have been before – expecting you to parrot what is said. At this point I have no way to really answer the first two. If I answer something, I just repeat what is claimed without evidence and put my trust into people and a religion I normally would have no real idea of at this point. Can you see how these review questions are dishonest or at least make you claim something without evidence? I thought that they taught that “Faith is based on evidence”. This has nothing to do with truth, information and accurate knowledge but is fully based on implanting thoughts and appealing to emotions.
Now we are finally in the end of the lesson. Please, do not write the date for completing the lesson nor use the goals if you are not 100% sure you are able to resist these teachings. It works like Facebook – addicting the person to little spikes of dopamine when making you wait for something and giving you a sense of accomplishing something.
At first, I thought I would go through everything in the explore section, but I think it is better to continue with the book itself. Please request analysis of the explore section if you’d like to have my comments on those.
This was the end of lesson 1, I hope you enjoyed it. Here’s my summary of the main problems:
- no Jesus
- no actual content
- unsubstantiated claims
- emotional manipulation
- Twisting every single cited Scripture at least a little bit
- hiding information in order to hook the reader
See you in Lesson 2!
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2021.10.19 09:45 Kr0x0n RimaK o prodaji Nevere

Iz članka o prodaji vozila :
Za sada bilježimo najbolje prodajne rezultate u Europi, ali to uvelike ovisi o marketinškim i prodajnim aktivnostima koje tek trebaju biti odrađene u Aziji, na bliskom istoku, i većem dijelu Sjeverne Amerike, ali i drugdje u Europi
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2021.10.19 09:45 codefreespirit Foldface

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2021.10.19 09:45 Nice_filbert Nation celebrates Eid Miladun Nabi (PBUH) with religious fervour

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2021.10.19 09:45 cgfgjhhh Should I order pizza it's 2 in the morning but I'm not planning to go to sleep I'm worried about my dogs barking.

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2021.10.19 09:45 yoesRR Rec Room Racing League Official Trailer

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2021.10.19 09:45 digitalsportsbettor Redsox large in game 4

Dont need a write up if u cant see bostons a team to win it out with there live bats then you are a fool and keep throwing your money away
Boston redsox large -1.5
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2021.10.19 09:45 vanm-df Practising Ling in Classic, Enemy team always goes out of their way to shut me down

I'm in legend, recently I've begun to play ling again in classic (practise). I am always being matched up with enemies which will 3 man invade or do all they can to stop my early game farm. Camping my blue buff all game, even worse, constantly typing in chat how 'good' of a ling I am. 10 of my last 12 games with ling I had to face aggressive early-mid game pressure in a classic matches. Yes, my team is doing what they can to help, but in the end it really is never enough, allowing the other team to snowball.
What can I do to counter this? Apart from just improving my actual skill with the hero, are there any tips, strategies to use in this situation? Should I build more def items instead of the usual offensive build? And how can I stay in a prolonged fight without the blue buff?
These are probably challenges faced by many ling players, or by any people who main buff dependant heroes, but man, I'm finding it hard to get good game practise even in classic mode. Maybe people just have a thing against ling ;-;
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.19 09:45 All_Lawfather Who remembers those old, "new voicelines"?

I think it was season 5 when Ubisoft proposed new voicelines? I just recently watched a Havoc video showcasing what they used to sound like and I gotta say I'm glad they didn't implement the new voicelines, I really loved the interactions between the hero's. I realized how much more amazing it would be to hear more of what these characters, that I had been playing so long, would say to each other. Long story short l loved what the characters were saying, just not how they sounded.
I wonder if I buy more steal packs they can bring Nolan North back (along with everybody else)! What do you think?
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2021.10.19 09:45 AffiliateLeakz AMC STOCK The NEXT STOP explained in 4 MINUTES

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2021.10.19 09:45 AltruisticLimit479 The Eric P Show Episode 1 : )

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2021.10.19 09:45 privkry Trading dumb monkey (goku)

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2021.10.19 09:45 Far-Championship-101 [Amazon] 50%OFF Trampoline-$34.99 there are only 5 codes, please contact me if you need them.

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2021.10.19 09:45 bedsareforpeople wanting to move back to school after my brother was diagnosed with cancer

my brother was diagnosed with brain cancer a few days ago. it’s been a really hard few days, our parents are visibly broken up about it and so is our other family. he’s 24 and i’m 22. i haven’t been able to wrap my head around. he looks and sounds and acts the exact same. nothing has changed about it. but we now know he has a brain tumour and it will most likely take his life in the next 10-15 years.
i feel like i should be handling this a lot worse than i am. the first day we found out, i was crying at the thought of it. every time i’d be able to calm myself down, i’d think about it again and trigger more crying. but in the days since, i think about it and don’t really think anything. my brother moved across the country to start dental school a couple months ago. i’m in my senior year of my undergrad and moved back to school almost 2 months ago as well. he’s moved back home now because he needs surgery to get the tumour out then is supposed to do chemo. i was supposed to be home last week for an autumn break my school gives us. i know the circumstances for him being home are grim, but it feels like we’re just both on break from school at home (even though he’ll now be taking the year off school for his treatment).
i find myself getting annoyed with him like i used to. he eats all the snacks we have in the house and it drives me mad. he watches tv too loud and it still annoys tf outta me. but every time i think these thoughts now, i tell myself to be okay with it because he has cancer. i feel like this isn’t a healthy way to think; i shouldn’t treat him differently just because he has cancer. or should i? i’m so confused and don’t know how to be around him. we didn’t have an amazingly close relationship to start, and now i feel so lost in how to be there for him if i’ve never had that kinda relationship with him.
i also feel kinda trapped. i know i should stay home with him and my family, at least until he gets his surgery and starts treatment. they’re looking for neurosurgeons rn, trying to find the best dr they can. but all the best doctors have waiting lists that are weeks long. i’m in my senior year rn. i’m living with my bf of almost 2 years this semester, for the first time ever. i’m currently registered to do my final semester as a study abroad term, with a departure date for january 2022. i feel like i’m losing time. i haven’t talked to my parents about this yet, but i have a strong gut feeling that they’ll ask me to cancel my exchange semester to be with my brother. i feel like they want me to stay home from school for the rest of this semester to be with my brother.
i feel so selfish for wanting to go back to my normal life. nothing is normal anymore. 2 weeks ago, i was still living at school with my bf and hanging out with my friends. no one knew my brother had cancer yet. now everything changed. i already felt like covid stole the last 1.5 years and took away 2 years of my university experience. i finally was able to live at school again and now it’s being taken again.
and then, again, i feel selfish and mean. my brother has cancer and i can only seem to care about the experiences i’m losing out on. idk how to feel. i’m not sure if i’m an asshole. was hoping someone on this sub may have some words of advice or anything.
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2021.10.19 09:45 Jagvetinteriktigt If you've seen Dune 2021, how would you rate it in terms of quality and enjoyment?

If you prefer the decimal system, then view 1/5 as 1/10-2/10; 2/5 as 3/10-4/10; 3/5 as 5/10-6/10; 4/5 as 7/10-8/10; 5/5 as 9/10-10/10.
View Poll
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2021.10.19 09:45 Awkward_turtle_Tetra Damage Build

Could you all share builds for max damage with both guns and melee? I’d appreciate it, thank you.
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