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Why am I into baristas?

2022.01.22 23:17 kujin47 Why am I into baristas?

First post so just give me a break if I’m doing it wrong.
Here’s the get down: I (M23) recently single and just starting to be okay with talking/flirting with girls but don’t have the confidence to do so, for some reason I find myself always being attracted to Starbucks baristas. It’s either in the drive through or ordering in line that I see a cute girl and want to ask for her number or give mine, either way I always get hella nervous and can’t seem to ask.
I noticed it’s always baristas, never a restaurant waitress or like a front desk secretary, JUST baristas for some reason.. no problems with talking to any girls except for baristas. Lol hearing it out loud I sound stupid because I can order my drink just fine but if I try to start conversation I get choked up and start to get quiet. Can anyone else relate? Help me out here redit.
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2022.01.22 23:17 Funnymouth115 PK is an absolute monster

I see so many people call her weak or that she needs a buff. Why? Her kit is extremely strong in duals and her feats in 4s let her one shot someone with a gb. Why do people say she’s weak?
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2022.01.22 23:17 NomadicSoul88 Someone taking a dodgy builder to task with a shame campaign

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2022.01.22 23:17 UltronGlow The good news is coming, #UTG will be listed on the Hotcoin Global

The good news is coming, #UTG will be listed on the Hotcoin Global .
On January 23, at 3:00 pm, #UTG will open deposit and withdraw.
On January 28, at 3:00 pm, #UTG will start trading.
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2022.01.22 23:17 nickcliff What’s the worst that can happen?

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2022.01.22 23:17 Internal-Tank-964 Help a brother out!

View Poll
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2022.01.22 23:17 Elegies_ [US][SELLING] Spirit Circle, To the abandoned sacred beasts, Evergreen, Love and Lies, Blade of the immortal omnibus + more
- All prices include shipping/fees
- Date is a few days old because I forgot about the 4 day posting limit and it was auto deleted lol
- Blade of the immortal omni vol 2: $14 shipped (or $10 if you buy something else)
- Love and Lies 1,4,5,6: $42 shipped
- Evergreen 1-4: $50 shipped
- Spirit Circle 1-3: $40 shipped
- To the abandoned sacred beasts 1-5: $40 shipped
- An Archdemons Dilemma 1-5: $55 (light novel)
- In another world with my smartphone 1-10: $105 (light novel)
- Pretty boy detective Light novel 1-3 : $35 shipped
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2022.01.22 23:17 Jack-Kennedy Trying to get a replacement keycap for defect in product

I purchased a G14 from BestBuy and it came with a busted keycap that I am trying to get fixed.
These clowns have truly put me through the ringer and I was hoping to know if anyone else has experience with this that might know what to do as far as getting the key replaced myself / actually getting a free warranty service (that I would think I am legally entitled to because I bought this thing within a year).
I tried using bestbuy's online support, spending hours with agent after agent trying to explain to them what a keycap even was (how god damn hard is that?) where ultimately they gave me no useful info and told me to go to a store (because apparently there isn't a way to call the store). After getting to geek squad, someone who says they've worked for ASUS in the past said that bestbuy wouldn't cover this, but ASUS should be able to.
So I spend the next two hours on ASUS's support website trying to get this worked out and they warn me that this may not be covered under ASUS's warranty because of this being "the result of phsyical damage". I explained that it was given to me in that state and was still told they don't really know if it's covered. Whatever, a couple bucks for a keycap in the worst case, you might think. Except I was also told that standard procedure with this is to replace the whole keyboard, which would REALLY suck for such a stupidly simple issue. Oh, and then there's the "non-refundable fee" for a shipping label. The cheapest one they'll give me costs $120. WTF?!?! Is it not supposed to be a free warranty service?
Because this is going to take weeks, and very possibly in the hundreds of dollars (for a fucking single keycap that shouldnt cost anything) I tried getting a key myself online. I sourced one from replacementlaptopkeys, but was a very different shade from the rest of the keys, and didn't even fit because it was a bit too wide.
At this point I feel really defeated at the combination of horrendous bestbuy/ASUS/third party support and I really hope someone here has experience with any of this and knows what should actually be done.
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2022.01.22 23:17 Potential_Peace8448 What’s something about your body that you don’t like that no one can even notice?

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2022.01.22 23:17 Complex-Class-2699 I feel the urges since three days ago. I am thinking in the newest updates in my fav porn sites. I dont know what to do… please help

Currrently 1 month and 5-6 days no pmo. But since this few days this idea came up to my head, and I just can’t get rid of that. Like my “favorite” porn sites would be full of new hot starlets waiting for me. Like it’s a nonstop nagging in my head….
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2022.01.22 23:17 Kosmonaut01 What would be your solution to fix your country's political, social, or economic issues?

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2022.01.22 23:17 Gardenia_Doll What’s something you no longer have patience for?

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2022.01.22 23:17 altdairyqueen Babysitting an old NK

It’s only been three weeks since I stopped working for my last NF but we’re still hoping I can babysit once or twice a month. I was nervous about seeing NK20mo, that either he would be afraid or shy, or get separation anxiety since MB is now taking care of him full time. But he was laughing and jumping when I got there and following me around. I sat down to catch up with NP, and he came on my lap and rested against my shoulder. He didn’t cry or even notice when they left. We’ve had a good night together and I’m just grateful to still be a part of his life, even if this arrangement doesn’t last forever. I missed him and my old NP a lot so I just feel really good.
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2022.01.22 23:17 getpatrick Funny story. This is an Affinity Stratocaster signed by Tito Jackson. It was given to me today. I’ve just lowered the actions and tuned it, and it’s…not bad! I’m gonna have it set up properly and play it a bit, it’s cool to be honest. The funny thing is I got an AmProII last week so I can compare

Funny story. This is an Affinity Stratocaster signed by Tito Jackson. It was given to me today. I’ve just lowered the actions and tuned it, and it’s…not bad! I’m gonna have it set up properly and play it a bit, it’s cool to be honest. The funny thing is I got an AmProII last week so I can compare submitted by getpatrick to fender [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 23:17 chickenweng [WTS] Hiram Green discovery set and Niche samples of Mona di Orio and Parfum d'Empire (decant)
Discovery set opened and used each one twice, Niche samples are from Lucky Scent once each.
The samples are 1ml vials of:
Mona di Orio - Nuit Noire, Violet Fumee
Parfum d'Empire - Tabac Tabou, Corsica Furiosa, Amber Russe, Azemour Les Orangers
Asking for $50 for everything shipped CONUS.
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2022.01.22 23:17 Dsg1695 Is this guy flaking?

27F I’ve spoken to him on and off, we spoke initially through a dating app and then moved over to IG years ago. It’s fuzzy to me, we didn’t talk that much he’d reply to my stories but we spoke on the phone for the first time fall 2021. We really don’t speak that often, I posted story about playing UNO through app and he said he’d play with me. He’s 3 hrs behind, we began msging about it yesterday while he said he was at work, he didn’t reply until midnight today. I couldn’t find him so I gave him my username this morning to add me, he saw the message a few hours ago and hasn’t replied back to me.
TL; DR: is he flaking? And if you were me, would you be upset considering we don’t speak often in the first place?
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2022.01.22 23:17 such_meme [PC] [Store] *insert good title here*

i'm buying and selling here, so hang on
i have some stuff i'm tryna sell, like:

I'd prefer credits, but i might take items (like the ones listed below)
i'm also buying stuff, like:
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2022.01.22 23:17 lotsofpaper Do I submit a claim and when? (Just hit by an uninsured motorist who didn't have ID).

We are in Washington state and were just hit in a parking lot by an uninsured motorist who did not carry any ID on her. This is our older car which we plan to just drive until it dies (never planning on selling it). She was backing out of a parking spot and hit us in the side of our vehicle with her rear bumper. The accident was a low-speed collision, so the damage is fairly minimal (rear quarterpanel dent + rear bumper partially dislodged). Nobody was injured.
When we asked for license and insurance to exchange info, it became apparent that she didn't have either... at all. She and her husband held out a big wad of cash and asked if $2,000 would make the problem go away. They probably had $5K-$10K in the car with them. We were shook and called the police at which point her husband ran off with their dog. Seems he didn't want to be around when they showed up... the police officer seemed baffled by that development, as were we.
I got contact info from three witnesses who all agree the other vehicle was at fault, as they all saw her back up without looking behind her.
The officer rolled up on scene, took statements and they determined that the car was not actually registered to her. She then showed him her big wad of cash, which he advised us to take. He stated that since everything occurred on private property and nobody was injured, since we might not otherwise be able to get any payment out of her after the fact.
We made a verbal plan with the officer and the young woman who was behind the wheel to get our car assessed at an auto shop and see if the $2,000 covered the damages. We have her phone number to contact her if the amount was insufficient, but the officer told us not to rely on that, as she could just as easily vanish on us.
My question is thus: At what point should we file an actual claim with the insurance company? Or should we at all? We have an under-insured motorist clause on our insurance for exactly this reason... but since we don't have any ID from the young woman in question, the officer advised us that we didn't particularly have much standing to extract anything from her after the fact. Would filing a claim increase our rates?
Since the car is still functional and reattaching the rear bumper seems to be the only fix required, would it even benefit us to file a claim at all? We could probably get that done for less than $2,000, and since we don't plan on selling the car, we don't particularly care about the diminished value if an accident was reported.
-Sincerely, never been in a car accident before and a bit freaked out by what is probably some shady money.
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2022.01.22 23:17 Anxious-Career-4999 No Time To Die - Billie Eilish Acoustic Cover

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2022.01.22 23:17 RayMCS I'm bi, atheist, probably depressed and my parents are extremely religious

They don't know anything yet. They have no idea that I no longer believe in God and have a boyfriend. It's a secret I'm keeping for almost half a year now. I was planning to come out until one time my dad said how disgusting homosexuality is. The anxiety and sheer fear of what they could do if I ever told them the truth is overwhelming. Now it's not confirmed and I don't want to sound like a 14 year old edgy kid but according to a lot of my friends, I might be suffering from severe depression. That would explain my sudden mood swings, constantly being tired and anxiety eating me alive. My brother (who's obviously religious) told me that I just want to look for attention and depression is a made up sickness for people living without God. This is when I was extremely close to comitting suicide. I just grabbed my pocked knife from a drawer in my room, planning to cut my throat. Now that I've met my boyfriend things are getting much better. He's helping me a lot when I feel sad for no reason (well, sad is a bit too small word but you know what I mean). I don't want my parents to find out about my suicide attempts, boyfriend and especially about me being an atheist. My life would turn into literal hell after that.
Sorry if my English is bad, not a native speaker.
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2022.01.22 23:17 ProyectDeimos Hello, I'm new to this Subreddit, a friend recommended this to me but I hope it doesn't bother anyone for this, could you draw my OC?, with any style it's fine, it would really be good to see the result.

Hello, I'm new to this Subreddit, a friend recommended this to me but I hope it doesn't bother anyone for this, could you draw my OC?, with any style it's fine, it would really be good to see the result. submitted by ProyectDeimos to DrawForMe [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 23:17 themompreneurB This Forme Jackets isn't Pinkalicious ...

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2022.01.22 23:17 Present_Jello6323 What’s better dragon or venom or dough?

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2022.01.22 23:17 vrz2000 Cancel 5 lines from T-Mobile One Plus Promotion 10 lines before migration to Max

If I cancel 4 and port out, from T-Mobile One Plus Promo 10 lines plan, will it goes back to T-Mobile One Plus Promo 1-8 lines I had previously? after that, can I migrate to Max from there?
Thanks !
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2022.01.22 23:17 elitejay3452 220122 UP10TION Instagram Group Update

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