9kasd s79hi hdby5 d7r4r d9b4t 3d2y6 kyenb h68hd htfib 9r9re ryesi 3frn4 h4knd n28k7 aynh7 shkr3 s6i2i zksa4 hhszz y9hti et7y5 Can someone help me figure out what this is? it’s a local shop listing. info given: Marshall JCM800 Cab VINTAGE!!! x3-65 & x1-100 Celestions / 8 Ohms / Stripped Tolex / LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!! / $599.99 |

Can someone help me figure out what this is? it’s a local shop listing. info given: Marshall JCM800 Cab VINTAGE!!! x3-65 & x1-100 Celestions / 8 Ohms / Stripped Tolex / LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!! / $599.99

2022.01.22 23:48 Satts22 Can someone help me figure out what this is? it’s a local shop listing. info given: Marshall JCM800 Cab VINTAGE!!! x3-65 & x1-100 Celestions / 8 Ohms / Stripped Tolex / LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!! / $599.99

Can someone help me figure out what this is? it’s a local shop listing. info given: Marshall JCM800 Cab VINTAGE!!! x3-65 & x1-100 Celestions / 8 Ohms / Stripped Tolex / LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!! / $599.99 submitted by Satts22 to GuitarAmps [link] [comments]

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2022.01.22 23:48 ShameObvious9094 (Very long venting) Am I truly being selfish?

Before I start, I am terribly sorry for my bad grammars and run on sentences.
I am very well known as a person who types exactly the way talks.
Also, this is only my side of the story, and as we all know that there are two sides of story in this world.

I've been married with my wife for 6 years going on 7 years now. Our marriage isn't really the smoothest marriage for during that period. Well, we do have 4 beautiful children that I would not give up nor change for anything. Both of us have a successful career and everything seems ok from everyone's perfective.
She got pregnant before we were married. I was just recently separated from the military, and still living with my parents at the time. I knew I am going to marry her anyways but that made things so much sooner than I anticipated. I became a cop instead going to school. She wanted to move out and have our own place, so bought a house for us. She had old beat-up POS car, and I wasn't feeling good about it, so bought her new car she wanted. Then we had our first baby. I already knew how to take care of the baby from raising my own little brother since I was younger. (I grew up in some messed up family before I came to the US.) Raising baby/kid isn't a big deal for me. I rather enjoy it. Then few months after the baby, my wife got pregnant with our 2nd baby. It was def. blessing. I love baby.
During that first few years of the marriage, I've learned about her a lot more than I thought I could. She cannot cook, clean, organize the house. She grew up with another broken family like I did. She was raised by a single father and her grandparents lives nearby. Apparently, her grandmother came to their house consistently clean up their place. Of course, she never was taught how to take care of the house. Sadly, up until things went down the hill, I grew up in a perfectly fine household where my mom knew how to do everything around the house, and my father (sore subject) was a successful musician in Korea.
It might not be a big deal for many folks around the world, however; it drove me crazy looking at the unorganized, messy house. I used to come home from work clean up very upset. My wife never understood her, eventually she got the hint and tried to clean up.
That was our first blow out. She felt like my expectation is way to high. I am very negative, does not see things she did. only point out things she didn't do around the house. Well, my thing was that I clean up the house before head back to work up to my standard... and by end of the rotation, it's pretty bad. So, I took her word and learned how to pick the battle. She has gotten so much better after almost 7 years of our married and with bunch of kids running around... I'm sure you can imagine.
My wife decided to go back to school to be a nurse. I encouraged her to better herself. She was an EMT when we first started dating. Shit pay, Shit schedule, long commute... doesn't make whole lotta sense to me keep on doing that. I am firm believer of getting better yourself and grow to be a better everyday. I told her that I would work more and support her dream and family 100%. I am a man, that is my duty to provide (it's just my belief)
I started working like crazy at 3rd year of our marriage. I didn't spend whole lotta time at home. I've worked about 120 ~ 150 hours every two weeks. 12 ~ 16 hours shift. Just to afford the bills and day care. During that time, both of us were very stressed out. I took that hardship like a champ, because I knew everything will be worthy at the end of the tunnel. That's what I was aiming for. Little I knew, we started doing our own thing because we do have our own way to decompress. Started talking less and focus on our own stuff. Eventually became a DB couple. Of course, I always wanted it. wanted more intimacy and loving time. Since the day one, I've always told her how pretty, beautiful and attractive she is, even though she has a mom bod. How much I love her and means to me. I don't know, I tend to say things directly without the filter. I am not shy about expressing my feelings. But every time when I tried to initiate, I get rejected constantly. The reasons are various, but not something people never heard of. Anything that pops up in your head, that's it.
So, I kind of gave up on it and started feeling lonely. I started looking for something else, more like someone else to talk to. I knew it was wrong, but I just wanted someone to talk to and give me the attention I needed and wanted. Things never evolved more than the conversation, but eventually I got caught. My wife really does love me, she forgave me, and I made a promise that I wouldn't do it again. She also started giving me more attention that I am seeking for..... only for a while. Things just go back to way it was.
2019 came along and things were up and down, and eventually occasional sex happened. I couldn't really remember whole lot, because I was working like a damn dog. Then many stupid things happened.... very traumatic incidents at work happened back-to-back including watching little kid get shot by his own father, and death of my partner. Things weren't right with me. I wasn't the same person anymore. Stresses were pushing on my shoulder, hated being home because of all the previous issues and lack of connection with my wife. I stayed angry... My wife finally have at it, i guess, she told me I need help. I seek for help so i could kept my marriage. Things got little better and eventually She got pregnant with our only boy, J.J. Of course, I love baby, it is a huge blessing. It was December of 2019, when our little boy came out, and Corona was just about to popping out around that time. We decided to take the girls out of the private school (Pre-K and Kindergarten that was attached to the daycare.) That was a relief for me. paying $1800 a month was the biggest expense of our family. (FYI she fucked me over not once 3 times on our financial status.......short story put us in a debt for significantly amount. Thankfully I was able to clear that out by refinance the house)
First time in a LONG TIME, I stop working so much. I worked 82 hours every 2 weeks just like any other cops out there. I even took 3 months off for my boy just to be there spend all those times I've missed out on my kids. I am on medication, I'm stable, and happy because I could spend more time at home and make things the way I wanted. But DB issue weren't still solved.... never have been. I just found something else to do instead. My wife then got corona... she was very sick. Well, everyone at work freaked out and made me stayed home for whole month. Fuck it, why not. After returning to work for maybe a month, I stayed home again. When I returned to work, we were only working 7 days a month for several months. God, I loved it. I was finally able to be a father I always wanted. my wife and I? still DB but oh well. We went on first family trip ever as a whole family. I was watching my kids religiously while my wife was at school or doing her schoolwork/clinical work. I had a set routine for the kids throughout the day including, breakfast, lunch, dinner time, nap time, play time, my gym trip...etc. I never knew how much I love being home and a housekeeper. For me maintaining house was a decompress session.
Once my wife finished her school, she started working at the hospital. This is when thing got really bad. She swears up and down that she is doing good under the stress and knows how to handle it.... to me it isn't true. I could see all those corona pandemics is eating her out...... we started fighting more, my wife comes home angry/upset/stressed out... she just kept on unloading on me. nothing positive but negative. I don't share my work story unless it is funny or interesting because I know my job isn't the sweetest profession in the world. I just keep the bad stories in my head and drop everything that happened at work before I walk into the house. But she couldn't do the same. That starting to causing more issues. Eventually December of 2020, just before the Christmas. We got into a huge fight and ended up calling the cop. I got arrested. It is a bad new for a cop when they get arrested. Of course, I knew I didn't do anything wrong but whoever came to my house that night did not know what they were doing. Case was dropped and things were cleared up pretty fast.
I was never mad at her for her action that night. She came home angry and upset. She was just pure evil and upset about the fact that I didn't buy the Christmas gift for the kids, yet...... Still cannot understand why it was such a big deal, but I forgave her action. Of course, I called her out as well for her behavior that night which ignited even huge fire (FYI I am an asshole.... if really wanted to unintentionally by speaking my mind)
After the incident, we realized how much we love each other, and things were going ok actually it was better. She was much involved with sexual things like I wanted. I became much more understanding than ever before. I tried to talk to her more so she could decompress from work. I just didn't understand the way of her decompressing, which makes me feel like I am at work by listening to her story.. 90% the job description of cop is listening.
BOOM! #4 is on the way. Great news again. well... year 2021 begins with the good news. Everything seems going well, and we are paying attention to each other little more.... then On Aprill 11th 2021, at around 1330 hours. I went to my father's house to pick up the kids. We dropped them off there to have our own weekend off. That was something we started doing. When I got there, our two little girls running out crying and yelling. They were telling me JJ is dead. I walked inside of the house, and went to the backyard, and there is my little boy laying on the ground. My dad was doing CPR when I walked up to them. I took it over and start asking questions. What happened, when it happened, how long he has been gone. Half of JJ's body was felt into a big pot that was sitting outside, full of rainwater in it. He felt into the pot..... I wouldn't get into the whole lotta detail about this. It still hurts me very much so.
For the first time in a while, I hated myself. Especially able to function and think clearly. I am doing everything I could do and started barking orders that needs to be done ASAP. I couldn't bring him back... I tired, but i knew he was gone already at the moment I saw him. I was just too stubborn to give up. Unfortunately, JJ was transported to the hospital where my wife was working. Since that day, it's all different now. things are not the same. my marriage and family aren't the same.
Time has passed. I don't know how it went by, but it did. I realized that time is going to move, and life is going to happen even if I am not participating. I shook myself and started moving forward. It hurts and sucks. Since the day he died, that's what I did. I got up and continued the routine for the rest of the kids I have at home. maintaining the house and check on my wife.....
Here is the whole purpose of story of my marriage.
Now, we have our 4th baby. It is a total blessing. I am in love with this baby. I'm good with it. But my wife and I? it's bit weird. One time she told me that she does appreciate my compliments and all the I love Yous, but she used the term, "Action speaks louder than words." It made me confused.... What else am I supposed to do? I tried to pick her head by doing the Love Language test, so I would understand her better. I've tried to be much more patient with her. I started doing things that she likes and appreciates better. I started taking over things that she usually does for the house. I continue to do everything around the house, plus sending kids to school, watching their schoolwork, taking them to ballet on my off days.
There is no doubt we are in love. I do love her, she loves me. But I always feel empty. I always feel lonely. I always feel like I am lacking something.... even before JJ left us. I asked to cuddle me or scratch my back, or even simple rub on my arm or shoulder in the bed..... she doesn't want to do it. I am very touchy person especially from my wife. Nothing makes me happier or feeling loved than my wife's simple touch. I've told her and expressed my feeling about physical intimacy, and her reply was that she doesn't like it as much. In my head, I do thing you like........
I know I am not a bum. I maintain myself in a high standard. I know I am an attractive person, and she does finds me attractive. But when it comes down to that simple stuff, I don't get that.
I don't even ask for anything now... but every so often when I ask for it, she make it sound like I am always wanting it. Fuck I am only 30 years old man who lifts weights constantly. I know I do have a high testosterone level. I can't help myself wanting a basic human instinct especially from a woman that I find very attracted to. for 7 years of our marriage, things never happened when I wanted. She uses that one time, when she wanted it while i was sleeping (I worked 5 years of night shift) she tried to wake me up, but I wasn't responding... she felt REJECTED. I would never intentionally reject her whatsoever. I was just simple so tired and in a deep sleep. When it comes down to sex, she makes me feel little and a selfish person.
I really dont know what to do. I want more physical intimacy. I want more love. I am tired of feeling lonely.
Am I too selfish?

Like i said, my grammar is bad. always have been bad. Especially now... i am crying because Im hurt and upset. Also talking about my little boy triggered me. bad.
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2022.01.22 23:48 chrisor97 [PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 PlayStation 4 - Standard Edition is $34.95

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2022.01.22 23:48 MabelIRL 6&7/50 - I'm convinced there's not a genre out there that Silvia Moreno-Garcia cannot write

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2022.01.22 23:48 mrsGravyx International student working on moving to Canada this September

Hey y’all, title basically says it all.
I’m applying to diploma programs for digital animation in varios Canadian schools.
My parents have stated that they can only support me with a budget of $20K (usd) and $25K (usd) at max. Would that (realistically) be enough?
The schools I’ve applied to do not offer any scholarships to new students, so idk what to do.
My parents don’t want me to work on my first year, so I really don’t know what to do.
How can I budget my expenses?
Tuition would probably come at $11K-$13K (usd), so there’s that.
I’m lost here, please help!
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2022.01.22 23:48 rdpGuy Do you guys also think that the world has been going down hill since around 2010?

I feel like the world going down hill after around 2010. back then we didn't know that we were on top and because it's always been getting better and better (games, music, movies and everything) we were so excited to think about the future to come, how great it would be. it turned out that the quality of everything went down and we're missing 90's and 00's so much. nowadays, the strong concept that's been around that 'something new is almost always better' is changing to 'something new is almost always worse'. I feel so sad about this.
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2022.01.22 23:48 PSM182 Question, what is the point of Prize Picks if the payout it 1 to win 1 when the sportsbooks give me 1 to win 1.7 for the same exact 2 leg play?

Other than the whole win 1 lose 1 and get back 1.25x or whatever it is, what are the benefits of this app? Truly wondering?
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2022.01.22 23:48 inmyheadx2 Mystery guest room renovation

Coming on January 27, 2022, Mystery Guest room renovation event 😍😍
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2022.01.22 23:48 Loose_Negotiation_14 I miss Joana Ceddia

I hope she's doing well... It's been years since we do not have any updates from her. I hope she survives in the cold Canadian weather with Mama Goose and her dad. I live in her country as well. In conclusion, we miss you Joana and I hope you're finding happiness.
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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.22 23:48 BufforNerfCentPlz Ladies and Gentlemen, I have done it.

I just placed my order for a Tokyo Mauri MWS rifle, ive been bouncing between multiple rifles for months, from VFC to Ghk and all types of guns. But after seeing all the praise it receieved, and the tens of 5 star reviews for the top of the line gbbr rifle I secured my choice.
It should be delivered in a week, (Evike) I am absolutely hyped.
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2022.01.22 23:48 Buttnutt9 Volume eating while bulking?

Does anybody have experience with volume eating while on a bulk or will it just make future cuts signifying harder?
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2022.01.22 23:48 Zachsinatra Can someone drop a few pickup lines in the comments I got a match with a nice girl and I got nothing when it comes to pickup lines 🧍

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2022.01.22 23:48 Saviesa205 Warped wall around air vent

So I moved into a new house recently and went to replace the old, gross air registers. Upon removing one of the registers, I saw that the wall is warped. There’s a part where the vent is not properly sealed to the wall, and next to it, the wall has formed some sort of bubble. The bubble area sticks out a couple millimeters more than the rest of the wall. This means that air comes out from between the vent and the wall, and makes the register creak. How should I go about fixing this? Both the gap between the vent and the wall, and the wall bubble?
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