How painful is a tooth extraction?

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2022.01.23 00:36 BrightCityLights1 How painful is a tooth extraction?

I’m trying to decide whether I want to be awake (and numbed of course) when they do my tooth extraction or if I should be put under for it. Has anyone had it done and how bad was it really? Thank you!
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2022.01.23 00:36 po_eight Mashup: The Thesis For Every Angel's Soul (Persona 3 v Neon Genesis Evangelion)

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2022.01.23 00:36 LordRaghuvnsi Witness

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2022.01.23 00:36 cns_draws101 Can this mini sewing machine sew velboa and nylex fabric ?

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2022.01.23 00:36 I_Suck_At_SSBU All these salamence types are truly terrifying...

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2022.01.23 00:36 HappyCat1912 I wanted to share the website, given the enormous amount of misinformation that gets spread about regarding tipping points and positive feedback loops.
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2022.01.23 00:36 mdiblasi FYM Hot Sauce is Great!

I recently ordered some sauces from FYM Hot Sauce and have to say, both their sauces and customer service were great. Flavor is definitely the focus over being superhot, so don't expect reaper levels, though they do have a kick to them. I've been burning through EXXXTRA Hot and our group favorite, the Green Sauce. I also got to sample some specialties he's been cooking up, and have to say they were fantastic, both on chips and for cooking. I would heartily recommend trying some for yourself, they're definitely one to watch!
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2022.01.23 00:36 m0thgirlfriend Am I?

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2022.01.23 00:36 51_Willys Which one of you was driving around with all those AMC monkeys when you got run off the road ?

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2022.01.23 00:36 ManicPixieP1ssK1nk just checking do y'all find that guy that's commenting that hog rider copypasta thing on all the posts in new funny?

personally i think it stopped being funny (if it even was at all tbh) after the first few time
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2022.01.23 00:36 uttftytfuyt predict future marketcap? already 25 million

seems surprisingly high already
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2022.01.23 00:36 Not-Excitement1883 Seriously....

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2022.01.23 00:36 DaBigSwirly Over 2-hour video essay on NFTs -- not positive, but genuinely thorough

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2022.01.23 00:36 lostspaceqveen { 21 F } Little Devil ❤️

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2022.01.23 00:36 omegacluster Wolves in the Throne Room - Primordial Arcana (atmospheric black metal) [2021]

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2022.01.23 00:36 TheoryofYellow Sarah's Memories of Butterflies

You wrote Your mind reminds me of a butterfly. Quiet when resting on the petals of an idea, but beautiful and bright when it opens its wings, and so momentary when it flies away.
Follow me back to the old Lovelace Sawmill. That’s where my father used to keep junk cars, the place where Laika and I listened to news reports on the shortwave radio about cows in Russia and the promise of rain in the Arabian desert. Remember how I showed you how the path begins there, and how you came with me to Cedar Creek, where we walked for an hour? You never said a word even though you seemed so full of words. You listened to my stories of bees, dried apricots, and seeds, and you laughed when I said the bees fear you because you bring smoke into their world. Remember with me.
We swam as if it were August and not November. Afterwards, we rose from the water with our new bodies. It began to drizzle, the day so gray and silver. We ran from the pasture to the sawmill, not running from the rain and the brooding cows, but running in the rain and through our own thoughts. Everything gray and silver.
You told me your mother wouldn’t mind, so we ran to your house on Pee Dee Avenue, the white frame house that I run by every day. I stood in the doorway shivering while you got a towel, and your mother started picking up clothes and magazines, and then she recognized me: You’re the boy that runs! You rubbed my hair with a red towel and laughed at how your mother recognized me, how my hair was longer than yours. In the basement, you opened the door of the wood stove, and we both smelled of burning smoke. You looked at me with such alluring sympathy, your mouth opened slightly, and you told me to come closer: You’re the boy that runs!
I remember another rainy day when we were at the coffee shop next to Pfeiffer’s campus. How hungry we were, but how little money we had between us. We dried our hair by the fireplace, and you started reading the titles of books on the shop’s bookshelf: Such disgruntled books! We both laughed at how you had chosen that word. One book had a bee and cow on the cover, and you asked me if this were Iris, the cow that had watched us in the pond for a time. Iris, who had been so disapproving of our presence in her moment. But we slipped out quickly, and you said that Iris was now free to study the furtive quality of our existence. Or did you say ephemeral?
We shared the thick fruit roll and watched the rain streak down the windows. For our black coffee, you chose the brown mugs with green rings. I asked you about the butterfly. I spoke that from her memories, you told me, as if this could be such a thing—a voice speaking to you from the memories of someone you know only from my stories. But this is what I have come to expect from you, the girl who lives in the old white frame house where Sarah once lived. What are Sarah’s memories of butterflies?
That was when you told me the story of the doomed Marxist lovers, mixing those words with the dried fruit roll and coffee, our hair drying and everything so disgruntled. At first, they lived separately in a barren landscape, stark and bleak, isolated physically and morally. We must exist in isolation, he told himself. It will give the rags of our thoughts some bones.
(I always remember you that way. You always existed in isolation, even when you were with me.)
They meet at a roller derby. She, a bruised Marxist; he, somewhat unaffiliated, or at least he claims this. Ideas are just loose configurations of secondhand words, he says. Oh? She asks. Like your imagined neutrality? They argue, and then they find a place to live together. It’s an overpriced apartment. Airy, with light, and it’s above a socialist bakery called Staff of Life and a used bookstore called Readers’ Paradise. They slam doors.
What do they argue about?
They are lovers, so they argue about anything except love. Never that. She abhors academic Marxists, though she quotes them extensively. He does not--will not--add oil to hummus. He keeps his father's walking cane in the closet, as well as a bookbag of paperbacks. He is older. She is poly, which he argues just commoditizes her sexuality in a capitalistic market of erotica. They argue.
They are fighting about sex, aren’t they?
What is that to fight about? Intimacy is just incidental. It’s just another way they isolate themselves. Her hair goes from blue to light strawberry, and so do her bruises.
Is that another way she isolates herself—the violence of the derby?
She has many ways of isolating herself. Her strawberry bruises are her pride—the violence of human interaction, the collisions. They draw attention away from her grief. She finds the walking cane, this prop, a symbol tucked into the corner of a story. He tells her how he remembers that once his father took him to a small grill after school, when he was in the third or fourth grade. The man behind the counter put freshly cut white onions on their hotdogs, and he steamed the buns They sat at the counter--he and his father. The steamer was covered with silver foil. The man was careful to sprinkle onions evenly from end to end. His father didn't use a cane then. That would be years later, after so much happened that even the son couldn't remember. And his sister told him, the day before the funeral, that he could take the cane and the bookbag, and so he did.
Why did he recall that detail, the one about the onions sprinkled evenly on their hotdogs?
That’s just the vagaries of memory. Maybe the hotdogs didn’t have onions, but it was beautiful to remember it that way. They argue. After she cries, they sit opposite each other with a locked door between them. The scent of the bakery reminds her, she tells him, of her mother working in a cafeteria. Sweet tea was kept in large clear jugs (like pickle jugs), and loaves of bread were placed onto rolling carts. Tea was served in white cups. As a young girl, she would wait by the rear door for her mother to finish. The mother would bring her a slice of bread that she had saved and tea in a chipped cup. The mother’s apartment was dark, but earthy, and homework had to be written on a small white board on the fridge. Years later, her mother walked with a cane. Her sister got the cane, but for her there was nothing. She preferred it that way. The dead have no spiritual debts to settle, but goods are to be redistributed.
Very pragmatic. But why wouldn’t she want something to remind her of her mother, the way he has his father’s cane?
Even he doesn’t remember because of the cane. It’s not significant. It was the memory of onions that he kept. That was the scent that stayed on his fingers. Now he makes her a cup of tea and gives her a piece of rosemary sourdough bread from the bakery. Would she like him to dye her hair tomorrow? She chooses Dr. Zhivago from the backpack and reads to him. Time passes like the memory of a string of boxcars in the Russian tundra. Then the sound of a train far away. And farther still until her voice trails off. She boards the train while he stands and watches her, but only briefly.
You stopped there--among the disgruntled books, the rain on the window (your voice trailing off)—the sound of your last word.
You once told me: You have to walk around the story’s edge, this little stream of words. Is that where you are, even now? Will we meet in your story of canes, strawberry bruises, and chipped teacups? Or will we meet in one of the disgruntled books that amused you so? Will we have anything to say to each other?
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2022.01.23 00:36 lanceromance4 We do work hard, we really do fellas.

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2022.01.23 00:36 sportoftran-bot Solved an archaeological mystery.

I have solved one of Gielinor's greatest mysteries.
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2022.01.23 00:36 True_Canadian1 I can't say

So according to meriam webmaster I can't say means you don't know. I.e. what time will you be done...I can't say
However when you go down the rabbit hole constantly on things similar to quora. The number of ppl that take it to mean sworn to secrecy is absurd so who do you trust. Now there are times when the internet dudes take it to also mean that you don't know those times being. I.e. who is this in the picture...I can't say
The good Ole folks at meriam Webster or internetdude78?
Personally I lean more to Miriam Webster as that's how I always have taken the phrase.
Now I am curious maybe there are better English peeps in here that can know the difference in subjective vs objective and if that affects the line in the show.
We all know the one
so is this a case where Miriam is wrong or internetdude76 is?
Honestly wish I had attended more English classes so I would be able to support my side better.
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2022.01.23 00:36 jedo89 iPhone 13 front camera lag?

When i use front facing camera especially at night the camera sort of gives me a blurry photoshop filter and the frames seem to lag a lot. Also if you take a photo it automatically switches it to lagging for a few seconds. Is there any way to turn these features off?
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2022.01.23 00:36 killfr3nzy Zoey after her tumor removal

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2022.01.23 00:36 Resies PAM as a substitute for delayed multiattack?

I am planning a Sorcadin. I have a flavoring in mind for using Spirit Guardians in my build, so I plan to take Divine Soul Sorcerer (I don't want to take Oath of the Crown for story reasons).
I plan to start level 1 in Sorcerer for CON saving throw proficiency. Originally I had planned to take Paladin from 2 to 6 for multi attack, then Sorcerer to 5 (character level 10) for Spirit Guardians.
But I was thinking about it and I want that to come on line a bit sooner, but I still want to feel like a gish or martial--not primarily a caster.
We get a free feat at level 2 which I am thinking about using for PAM. Then my first ASI on GWM to give some more oomph to the hits. I can also probably get the strength gloves by like level 5 or 6 so I can focus on Dex/Con/Cha.
With PAM I was mulling over doing:

  1. Sorcerer 1
  2. Paladin 1
  3. Paladin 2
  4. Sorcerer to 5 (character level 7)
As PAM gives a strong BA with GWM and extra attacks of opportunity. But I don't know if only two attacks (sometimes less due to BA contention) until 10 would feel bad?
TLDR: Will trying to substitute multi-attack until 10 with PAM+GWM (w/ adv or vs low AC) feel bad for a Sorcadin? I've never played anything but Wizards in 5e so far, I have not played anyone who attacks.
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2022.01.23 00:36 diamondsly33 Selling some of my figuarts. Saber lot. 205.00 sorry in usd. Includes saber, blades and jaaku calibur.

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2022.01.23 00:36 sportoftran-bot 106000000XP in Archaeology

I now have at least 106000000 experience points in the Archaeology skill.
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2022.01.23 00:36 ouaisWhyNot Need advice to plug old tv on internet via a box

Hi all,
I don't know if it is the best sub to ask so let me know if not. I am looking for a "box" to connect my old Philipps TV (basic screen but works perfectly fine) to the internet to browse internet, youtube, and a few 'catchup tv', and eventually able to install a few things like VLC...
Could you recommend a few name please, and quick pro or cons about it ?
Cheers .
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