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2022.01.22 23:12 MaybeItWas8IEt Voodoo

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2022.01.22 23:12 dilf803 Anyone in Aiken/Valley area?

Message me if you are!
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2022.01.22 23:12 Joyless024 Barrel Rider easter egg

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2022.01.22 23:12 BelleAriel This has got to change

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2022.01.22 23:12 Conscious-Belt3328 Need to get the hell out ?

Have endured 16 year marriage. She had an affair, acts like a 13 year old, and I'm bout done. I need to find the 35 year old me again. Tired of giving her anything she needs, and being her doormat. Decent lookin guy, good career, just in a rut. I need advise
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2022.01.22 23:12 thethingfromJCnotF4 My quick ranking after seeing the movie

1 and 2 are still my favorite in that order. I think 3 is the weakest film so that will be last place.
That leaves 4 and 5.
I thoroughly enjoyed 5 while watching it, but I feel Richie and Amber are the worst killers and have the weakest motive in the franchise. The fact that Amber was able to sneak in and out of a hospital and attack twice was ridiculous. “Private floor” or not, hospitals are never deserted like that. They got a Halloween 2 vibe going on with that.
I also heard people voicing disapproval of how they tried making ghost Billy to be some kind of cool dude on our side. I can see what they meant now after watching it. When he winks goodbye at the end, like some ghost Luke moment, I thought this guy is an evil psycho, is that scene supposed to be heartwarming?
Cinematically and the way it was shot, I prefer much more than scream 4. Scream 4 has that annoying Instagram glow filter going on and it’s really distracting.
The main problem for me is once again, the killers. Amber lives in Stu’s house, the killer is drawing influence from the original, and nobody suspects her? Richie, I just didn’t find him interesting or compelling. He had a lot of funny moments but that’s about it.
So I gotta give it to scream 4.
My killer ranking would be:
1- Billy and Stu -by extension Roman, since he started all this.
2-Jill and Charlie
3- Mickey
4-Mrs Loomis
5-Richie and Amber
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2022.01.22 23:12 Exceptionalkent Everytime I do a rat test I get the same results....

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2022.01.22 23:12 Individual-Status616 Im looking for relx resellers in ph

Hi im a supplier. Message me if interested
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2022.01.22 23:12 offgrid21 Confused about Favor eGift Cards

I bought a eGift card, but I can’t use the gift card immediately (as described by favor at time of purchase).
is it possible to have access to this gc today; If so, how would the gc work? Normally, there is a hold placed on payment methods, but if my order is less than the total amount of the gift card, then will it accept it, or will it require any additional payment method for a hold?
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2022.01.22 23:12 GoodFellasRyeBread This picture of Emma Watson and Ryan Kavanaugh.

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2022.01.22 23:12 ghost_account_85 Anyone want to join my e-bike gang?

I got a leather jacket with a wolf patch as you can see in the link below. Anyways, I am not going to do anything illegal (maybe call someone a butthead). We don’t need to be in the same city. Just want to be in a gang. We could meet up for drinks this summer or some rides.
If you are interested in being part of the gang you will need to get the wolf patch (I would also like if you got a leather jacket, but times are hard financially as I am sure most everyone’s getting shafted in the stock market right now like me). You can get the patch on Etsy.
Only cool e-bikes allowed. None of those ugly nerd e-bikes that fold up.
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2022.01.22 23:12 Armycat1-296 Leader Board update.


Ladies and Gentlemen...
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2022.01.22 23:12 AliasJackBauer Connecting USW-24-PoE to USW-Aggregation?

I'm considering a USW-Aggregation (8 10G ports) but my current core switch is a USW-24-PoE (2 1G SFP ports). Can I connect one of the 1G SFP ports to the USW-Aggregation 10G ports? I'm building out a 10G infrastructure and just need a way to uplink to the other switch. All the 10G traffic will stay on the aggregation switch, minimal traffic on the 1G link.
Any other ideas welcome.
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2022.01.22 23:12 Cute_FWBfinder I’m going on a “girls only” trip…

For the rest of your life. And you’re not invited. And you don’t like where I’m going anyways. I didn’t think you’d want to come.
Don’t be confused though when you hear about or see guys on life long girls only trip. Its “girls only” but… like your “guys only trip” that you’re on right now that isn’t only guys.
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2022.01.22 23:12 Thewman1 Another bloon oc because I am an apologist + lore (sorry for the yellow hue)

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2022.01.22 23:12 lansburysoda Can’t wait to GTFO

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2022.01.22 23:12 Proof-Equivalent-886 Hirelings don’t use secondaries?

I’m playing arena and I’ve got some hirelings but the guy I gave a sword to for when he runs out of ammo never seems to use it, I can’t find anything about it on google so here I am
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2022.01.22 23:12 AstroAwesome12345 What is a minor inconvenience that makes you angry?

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2022.01.22 23:12 ghostpro024 is cd/dvd to hdd caddy a thing? for desktop

i ask this because i want to swap this unused cd/dvd into spare hdd i have. but when searching it, all is for laptop. pls im just a beginner in upgrading pc and i only have sff right now. also don't ask me to "just upgrade to mt damn it" because here sff is cheaper and more common than mt. in my spare disk ill install linux (endeavouros) in it btw
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2022.01.22 23:12 ACupOfJoe917 Can you help me troubleshoot? :(

i just built a pc for a friend and when we powered it on, the ram was the only thing that activated it looked like. do you know how i should troubleshoot this?
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2022.01.22 23:12 DatPieceOfCake12 My Riot Points Code isn't working

I redeemed a code of 100 Riot Points from Microsoft Store Rewards but I am unable to redeem them in Valorant. I was told that I should be able to redeem them within Valorant, but whenever I do so it tells me that I cannot redeem this code in my country. I have redeemed the code in the same country I originally redeemed it from Microsoft Store Rewards and, to my knowledge, I have no software that is altering my IP.

What is wrong with my code?
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2022.01.22 23:12 sLexii Type me

English is not my first language!
• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
22, female. I usually keep to myself, especially around strangers. When I'm around people I'm comfortable with I'm more relaxed, I joke around and I'm more open than usual. I'm sarcastic and my humour can be a bit dark.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
I used to struggle with depression and I have high anxiety.
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
I'm from Romania, so most of the people here are quite religious. When I was a kid I used to pray every night and stuff like that. After a while I stopped as I don't believe in any particular religion. My parents were strict so I was always a good kid who didn't cause problems but during highschool I started to "rebel" (started smoking & drinking, ditching classes). That happened mostly because my mom died the summer before ninth grade and my father was alcoholic and abusive.
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
I'm currently a student.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
That sounds like quality time for me. I don't necessarily need human interaction, I have my thoughts and I can do different things to pass time.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
I'm not into sports at all. I like taking long walks especially at night, watching movies or tv shows, playing board games and sometimes cleaning my room.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
I'm pretty curious, I like to wonder how things might unfold or what's the hidden meaning. Although I wouldn't say I would go on rabbit holes from a simple curiosity, unlike my best friend. My ideas are both environmental, when it involves people around me and conceptual when I'm thinking about abstract things. I can imagine different scenarios in my head, either purely fiction (basically daydreaming) or thinking about the possible consequences of making a decision. For exemple, I would imagine what would happen if I had a huge fight with my folks and ran from home - where would I go, how would I get money, how long would it take me to find a new place etc.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
I usually don't like that kind of responsibility and I'm not that confident in my leadership skills. But if no one would take the lead and if things could go sideways from lack of a leader to take charge, I would do it. I would like to be in charge but like I said, I'm not that confident.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
No, I'm the total opposite of it. I can't even ornate a cake.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
Not in the slightest. I don't know if roleplay writing counts?
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
I don't like to dwell in the past and I don't let it hold me back. I prefer to look forward at what the future holds and live the present.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
If I can help someone, I do it. Usually when I'm asked to and it depends on the person. I wouldn't be that open to help someone who's not close to me.
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
Yes, I value logic more than emotions.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
Very. I just want to get the job done, I don't care about how.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
I have little moments when I'm angry, but I try not to take it to extremes.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
Reading, writing, digital editing.
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
I tend to memorize the information better if I go through it quickly, before an exam. I could never memorize something by reading intensively a week before. I learn better visually so I tend to underline important parts from my notes and use different colors.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
I always like to set even the smallest plan before jumping into action. This can go from a school project to even chores around the house. I won't use lists very often, but I categorize everything in my head. I improvise little things, like sometimes I do one thing on the spur of moment, without having it planned.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
I don't have set goals as my current situation is out of my control and the future is a bit unclear. What I do know for sure is that I want to make good amounts of money (not rich, but definitely to not live in poverty like I did when I was little), to have my own place, to have a few good and long lasting friends, to find a romantic partener and to adopt a dog.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
My fears are failure, looking like a loser and being controlled. Most social interactions make me uncomfortable. I hate narrow minded people, stupidity, violence against animals and lying.
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
Getting to college, learning from my mistakes, being in a better place mentally than last years.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
Having to repeat the year due to the pandemic, depression, bullying, dysfunctional family.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
I daydream a lot, especially when listening to music. It's something I did since I was 11 and it's a copying mechanism to loneliness. Now it's just something that i do daily, like routine. Yes, most of the time I'm aware of my surroundings.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
I imagine I'm a witch who wants to become even more powerful. The room I'm in? It's a cell. Sadly the heros caught me. But that won't last for long, cause I'm already thinking of an escape plan. And if I don't find a solution to break free, I'll just wait for my trial and escape while they move me. If I can't do that, I'll play the victim and try to gain their sympathy. Maybe they'll believe me.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
A lot, because I take into account so many factors. I can change my mind a lot, thinking of the consequences of another decision and if that path would have been better.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
A bit slow, actually. Let's say today I'm upset. And i don't know why. Until a few hours later, at the end of the day or even the next when I have a realization of why I was feeling that way. In rare occasion this happens instantly. Emotions are sort of important but I usually try to take logic into account and after that emotions.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
Only when I don't want to cause a conflict and when I know that agreeing would eventually lead to changing the subject faster. This happens on rare occasions.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
I usually follow rules, but only if I agree with them. I can break them if it's for my own benefit and it's the shortest way to accomplish something. Authority should be challenged when its demands are foolish and there are better ways to operate tasks.
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2022.01.22 23:12 Particular_Ad4002 Daddy's interested in honest and real sugar baby?

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2022.01.22 23:12 pixie_rose123 They've never even questioned my boy stuff

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2022.01.22 23:12 Weird-Reindeer-475 Guy I just started talking to online says he wants me to text faster - Is this too much?

I started talking to this guy on wednesday, we are now saturday, and he told me we should be able to text faster than after 2-3h. Because it usually takes me 2h to respond.
We never met in person. Im a full time graduate student and am working too. I honestly don’t think I can pull off anything better than respond once every two hours or one hour at best. If I get to know him well maybe I would be more enthusiast about it, but it takes me some time to get to the level where I want to (and feel comfortable) text you all day. Is this a reasonable request from his part at this point in the dating stage? Am I the one with the wrong dating etiquette here?
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