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Boba Kart

2022.01.23 00:10 Jetsurge Boba Kart

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2022.01.23 00:10 betabetafishfish [USA][H] PayPal [W] PlayStation 1, Games

Hi friends -
I’m seeking a minty PlayStation console. With the screen would be awesome, but it’s not required. No box necessary.
Games I would like to buy (CIB/good condition):

Thanks for reading!
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2022.01.23 00:10 ZoolShop Highlights | Round 3 | The American Express | 2022 - PGA TOUR

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2022.01.23 00:10 Slow-Entrepreneur-87 23 F - Looking for a texting buddy

Hi everyone:) i'm rather bored at the moment so if anyone is up for a chat before i go to bed, i would really appreciate it! We can talk about anything you like :)
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2022.01.23 00:10 1ampoc Poseidon, the utility tank(?)

New hero poseidon is out, but there are sadly no posts discussing him, so I'll start.
Disclaimer: Poseidon is useless in boss battles (obviously), so I'm mainly focusing on his campaign prowess in this post.
The most interesting part of Poseidon is his ultimate, a whirlpool which pulls enemy heroes in, and stuns them afterwards. With its wide range, it can pull backline heroes in to be splashed by AoE. This seems pretty decent, especially against glass cannons like artemis, but I don't think so. This is because of how long his ultimate takes to activate. Firstly, poseidon has no energy regen skills. Secondly, his whirlpool swirls around for about 5s before the stun activates. This is a crucial limitation as it means that enemy heroes would have already cast their ult before the stun comes in, which means they will already be protected (by tank/support ults), or Poseidon/his teammate will already be dead (by dps ults). So his ult provides great utility, just that by the time it activates, its often already too late. The excruciatingly long wait for his ult is the biggest drawback of Poseidon, and may single-handedly relegate him to one of the weaker tanks.
Skill 1 - small AoE stun
Tbh, the range is so small it might as well be a single-target stun. I notice that his stun spreads further to the top (I think), so make sure to put Poseidon at the bottom position. Nothing else to say, it's a decent skill to help Poseidon survive longer, but it is often targeted at a tank, so it's not very useful.
Skill 2 - reduce damage taken by 60% when hit for more than 10% max health.
Pretty useless. As a tank, this will rarely happen. Even if it does happen, an objectively better skill would be to increase his max health by 60% straight up, which is decent but not great. In my experience, I slice through Poseidons as easily as hot butter.
Skill 3 - small range AoE debuff
Same as skill 1.
Final word
Poseidon brings a new dynamic to the game, namely changing enemy positions with his ult. In many games, this ability is actually very useful, as it greatly amplifies AoE dmg. However, in Poseidon's case, it may prove to be less effective due to its long activation time. On a side note, Poseidon's skills all deal a decent amount of damage, but he is quite easy to kill (in my experience), which means it might be better to think of him as more of a fighter than a tank
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2022.01.23 00:10 TurtlyMage007 IRL Inscryption on a budget

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2022.01.23 00:10 ProfessionalLime3467 CV for Aspirants skin?

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2022.01.23 00:10 beeboop4321 [UNI] can i apply for medicine after being offered a place through EASE?

I have been very conflicted as to whether i should apply for medicine because I think that my application won't be successful given the many students that started preparing for it since young.
So i decided to take part in the EASE application when it was offered to me and successfully got an offer. But even now i can't seem to totally forget about medicine and i think i might regret it if i don't apply at all so is there anyone that knows if its still possible to apply with everyone else after As results are out?
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2022.01.23 00:10 Silversquire996 Need help with second hunters nightmare boss

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2022.01.23 00:10 officialkabirsaheb غریب، اُدھر سنگھاسن گگن میں، بہُو رنگی بریام۔ جا کا نام کبير ہے، سارے سب کے کام۔ پرماتما کبیر جی کا (اُدر) اوپر ستلوک میں سنگھاسن ہے۔ وہ سب بھگتوں کے کام سِدھ کرتا ہے۔ -جگت گُرو تتودرشی سنت رامپال جی مہاراج #GodMorningSunday #SaintRampalJi #KabirIsGod #SaintRampalJiQuotes

غریب، اُدھر سنگھاسن گگن میں، بہُو رنگی بریام۔ جا کا نام کبير ہے، سارے سب کے کام۔ پرماتما کبیر جی کا (اُدر) اوپر ستلوک میں سنگھاسن ہے۔ وہ سب بھگتوں کے کام سِدھ کرتا ہے۔ -جگت گُرو تتودرشی سنت رامپال جی مہاراج #GodMorningSunday #SaintRampalJi #KabirIsGod #SaintRampalJiQuotes submitted by officialkabirsaheb to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 00:10 DarthMorsus My first Ever scratch built Diorama. Just need to do the beholder

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2022.01.23 00:10 HeftyCreater Looking for 2 for map5x5 we do 3 days of epic mods and 2 days heroic mods and score 250-270m weekly in AQ we also have a 1bg optional war group DM me if interested on line app:hefty1515 (line is also required)

Looking for 2 for map5x5 we do 3 days of epic mods and 2 days heroic mods and score 250-270m weekly in AQ we also have a 1bg optional war group DM me if interested on line app:hefty1515 (line is also required) submitted by HeftyCreater to ContestOfChampionsLFG [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 00:10 yellowstringbean Need help with installing dimmer for chandelier with ceiling fan wiring already in place to three switches on all

Purchased this new home that came with the amazing “feature” where all rooms are wired for ceiling fans. However none came with lights for that reason, just capped off holes for the fixtures on the ceiling. In this room, I did not want a fan and installed a chandelier instead. When I went to install the dimmer to the middle switch, the light was on after I screwed in the bulb (although low, assuming the dimmer was working) but when I flipped the switch (the switch must have been upside down since it was flipped down and light was on)…it popped and blew the breaker. Now I’m confused.
The switches on the wall are: one for an outlet in the room, far left, the other two middle and far right are for fan/motor. I was unsure which so I installed the dimmer switch on the middle one. Which I assume was right since the light did come on.
So A) to flip the two hot (black wires) on the switch, it should flip the on back to on function and solve that problem, correct?
And B) why did the breaker blow? I see the far right switch and left switch have a black and red wire coming into the switches but this middle was two blacks. Did I choose the wrong switch?
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2022.01.23 00:10 omara69 “Vacancy” bars I wrote for the past couple days

The hole is blatant it’s taking a hold
Forsaken the old control is dangerous
waiting to fold pages I painting my woes
Cold in the basement told me patient when paving the goal hopelessly waiting
But faith slowly deflated
Filled with hatred for the holy I’m claiming
That u a phony said u beef but u belony pertaining to the message in my crevice the image is tainted
Rinsing pain away but pain remains the illness is raining
Falling victim to shame it’s insane I’m trapped inside a box
My mind a prison in chains the past resides unlocked
Rewind the clock screen it’s projected
It’s Feeding resentment for the present cuz I’m grieving the lenses
That I had and lost costly I’m in need of acceptance
But All the memories aggressive is leaving me restless
Left remote I couldn’t television
All I’m seeing static From the fabric stained it falling victim
Puddle it was tragic
Blood from a traumatic Cut
the love that I was grasping But
The suffering burning all the trust I had to ash and dust
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2022.01.23 00:10 Zarmo476 Canadian Whisky Australia

Just wondering if there is any Canadian stores that do international shipping. It is impossible to find anything decent over here, thanks.
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2022.01.23 00:10 ethanmenzel New Sidebar Feature??? Interesting Edge Canary

New Sidebar Feature??? Interesting Edge Canary
New Sidebar Feature in Edge Canary
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2022.01.23 00:10 CHKNbiryani Wtf Google

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2022.01.23 00:10 stray_cat_208 I'm (F19) getting mixed signals from a guy (M19)

I've given up on my feelings for this guy but I'm having trouble letting go. I need to reflect on everything by writing it.. What do you guys think his actions mean? These are in chronological order of events btw.
-he never tries to get to know me or ask me any personal questions like I've tried with him. Anytime I try to get to know him, he just gives vague responses and I end up feeling shut out. I took this to mean he's not interested in me at all but for some reason he keeps talking to me? And asking me to hang out with him? Its pretty clear that I approached him out of romantic interest when we first met. It doesn't seem like he's even interested in being friends. I've never had a friendship where the other person didn't try to look for common ground and form a connection through hobbies and interests.
-he said he was sick of me once but also said that despite that he was still around. I completely stopped talking to him and cried for a week after he said that. Then he hit me up out of the blue for help and I went running to help him
-he and I have spent new years eve together and we walked around nyc for a whole day together. I was convinced this was just a hang out session but people around me were convinced it was a date? It didn't feel romantic. Because he has shut me out of getting to know him, I couldn't even talk to him because I had no idea what to talk about. All I did was just show gratitude for him showing me around and expressing interest in stuff I saw. He barely even spoke that day. He has a prettier girl that I know is willing to see him.
There are so many small things he does that I notice. Sometimes he talks in a flirty way to me and then I see he does it his childhood friend who's also a girl btw. He shows more interest in her than me but he still keeps me around?
I feel like I'm in a shitty rom com but I'm the quiet girl who is just temporary background fodder. Hes got a pretty childhood friend who's dating someone else but their relationship is on and off. Hes got another pretty frat girl who's outgoing and she's been talking to her longer than me. And then me, the random one that sits next to him in class.
I think I'm pretty much done with these feelings now. I want to have good conversations and really connect with someone. Even now I have no idea what we have in common or what he likes... he won't tell me for some reason. Did he just like that id follow him around like a puppy?
I think I've adjusted my type to be someone who is more open and expressive.
If I asked that guy right now how he felt, 100% he would just dodge the question.
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2022.01.23 00:10 Cautious_Duck_8267 I want to shop message me dodo codes

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2022.01.23 00:10 Elnacho1347 What is your favourite Platz's drum performance? Any song

I would say battle cry, what abt you?
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2022.01.23 00:10 mirrqredd Tourney ready fn cheat

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2022.01.23 00:10 ThizzUchiha Even tho Mahershala Ali is an amazing choice as Blade, he was actually my second pick for the role! My first pick was Trevante Rhodes but what do you guys think of Rhodes as Blade?

Even tho Mahershala Ali is an amazing choice as Blade, he was actually my second pick for the role! My first pick was Trevante Rhodes but what do you guys think of Rhodes as Blade? submitted by ThizzUchiha to Marvel [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 00:10 SomniaCE How difficult would it be to learn Pulp for an inexperienced programmer, how translatable would the skills learned here be to other programs/languages?

Title. It seems like a very fun platform that has very real limitations which in my extremely uneducated view could make both the game design and the programming aspects of development be more streamlined and beginner friendly. Is that the case?
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2022.01.23 00:10 FireflyBerserker I need some help.I sent a deposit to Kucoin of Luna and I can't see my funds in Kucoin.

TX D34A945BF4B97E7DE9883AD0E19B804929D9C508CF280F93C79F110879A73662
I sent Luna from my wallet and all the numbers check out. Is this like MetaMask where it is hiding somewhere because 3 hours later it is still not showing in my accounts?
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