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Any lifelong sufferers?

2022.01.22 23:00 Nocturnal-Nycticebus Any lifelong sufferers?

Hello! I've noticed a lot of folks here saying they've been emetophobic since a certain age, along with some precipitating traumatic event. I'm in my late 30's, and I can't remember a time when I wasn't phobic. Anyone else like this? I'm looking at doing a mix of therapy types to help, and some of it involves dealing with any traumatic triggers. I... Can't remember one? My earliest v-related memory was when I was in kindergarten, and I was already afraid by then. Curious about y'all's experiences.
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2022.01.22 23:00 Rollidgeli The Prostate Cancer thing is just a sad excuse

"why do you masturbate" "HEHE MAN IT PREVENTS PROSTATE CANCER!"
No. Leading a healthy and mindful life prevents prostate cancer, any type of cancer speaking. It is just a sad excuse and
idk a conspiracy theory from my side to let the addicted people stay hooked on porn, because if they dont give a scary reason, they might loose a percent of their business [treat this lightly i just made a smoll hypothesis]
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2022.01.22 23:00 Disastrous-Tip-49 My little brother downloaded a bunch of viruses onto my mom's old macbook and I don't know what to do?

My brother's 6. Yknow. No concept of legit vs shady on the internet. Anyways I don't even know how this happened but he downloaded a whole bunch of viruses. I've spending the whole day trying to comb around different places to look for them but I just can't do it all.
I found a bannabell file that I deleted. I also tried using finder and went to some places like ~/library/launchagents and found some more weird files that I deleted. The issue is that some of them won't let me delete them beause it says "a required item is in use" (like this one called com.apple.tcc). Another issue is that some of the files have really weird names, and there could be a whole bunch more randomly named locations with more files that I missed.
I'm also not an apple person and not tech savvy anyway, so I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do. Whenever anyone makes stupid decisions in terms of internet security it's always me who deals with repairing the aftermath :////
I know some of you might suggest just using an antivirus, but the thing is my mom's macbook is old (running on mavericks 10.9.5 no more updates supported). None of the antiviruses will download on it. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.22 23:00 Dagonjafar Sign up // Login to PayPal and purchase $5 in crypto to earn $10 cash!

Simple and easy! Offer valid to new and current users. Simply click the link provided below, purchase $5 worth of any cryptocurrency of your choice, and $10 will be added to your PayPal account. Rewards typically available within 24 hours. https://py.pl/6LdTYahIu6B
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2022.01.22 23:00 Ri_gatoni Poppy is my favorite-

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2022.01.22 23:00 Fish-DOGG Professor Pyg in Batman begins at the opera

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2022.01.22 23:00 asiantoes69 Pretty Asian feet 👅👅🥰🥰

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2022.01.22 23:00 MasamuneBlades Bird facts

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2022.01.22 23:00 Inevitable-Stay-6939 A year after GF cheated on me and i cant get over it

Hello so this is my first time writing a post on here which i avoided doing but i cant really anymore cuz im in need of emotional support and advice. A year ago my GF cheated on me in the worst way possible that was done to me , we had agreed we would meet that day and that hour i called her and asked her if she was coming to me and she said yes she will be coming in about 15 mins and that shes just sitting with her roommate for a bit , 15 mins have passed , 30 mins have passed and an hour and she still hadnt come yet so i went to her apartment ( she lived pretty close) cuz i was kinda worried since she wasnt replying and her roommate answered the door .. i asked if she was there and if they were sitting and she said no she went an hour ago .. i knew right there and then that she was out with someone i saw signs of it happening and i was stupid enough to believe any word that she said to me in this whole 4 year relationship . I blame myself now for seeing so many signs that she was gonna cheat and i blame myself for not taking any action prior to her cheating like dumping her before anything happened. I waited for her on the stairs of her building that night and as soon as she came in looking happy not knowing i was there on the stairs yet ( i cant fucking forget that ugly devil smile she had) as soon as i saw her i got really mad and choked her and she said " were over" i took her phone cuz i had to know what the fuck happened exactly and she fought to take it back from me but i saw her long msgs on facebook with the guy and i got so mad i couldnt control myself from all the hurt and pain that she caused me so i smashed her phone and slapped her a few times screaming at her it was a mess. Even tho she doesnt deserve a sorry from me for hitting her i called her a few mins later cuz she had already switched to her other phone and said i was sorry. She was like im so shocked that you hit me.... She promised that she didnt do anything with him and i believed her and forgave her for just going out with him ( what a fucking dumbass) 4 months later of us being together as if nothing happened she comes out and tells me that something did actually happen that night and she confessed that she had done sexual things with him twice. I find out that she went over to his place 4 more times after i caught her and she promises me yet again that nothing happened after i caught her and she just went there because the guy was scared of me and because she was in shock of me slapping her a few times. I dont believe any of that shit that she told me and i truly believe that she did have sex with him alot more than what she says she had done . My intuituin is screaming at me . At this point after a year im mad at myself for falling for her lies , im mad and frustrated for not knowing the truth . Iknow the truth will do me nothing but i just wanna know the whole truth so i can accept it and put it behind me and she hadnt even allowed me to do that. Im just miserable at this point and have alot of frustration mostly directed towards myself and i dont know how to do exactly
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2022.01.22 23:00 UncleFroyo Today's vid of Vampire Survivors, but NL also delivers great commentary on media literacy

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2022.01.22 23:00 Fishspecialty Trading these pets for a giant gold scarab

Trading these pets for a giant gold scarab
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2022.01.22 23:00 ZoobBot 202672

This is the 202672nd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.22 23:00 kswildcatmom The finger is always pointed at me…

Why do the people who tell you your meds aren’t working, or that you need help, never working on bettering themselves or getting help for themselves for the ways they may be contributing to the problem?
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2022.01.22 23:00 ispeakulisten [FS] - NYC or NJ - $20 - 6 Assorted Peacock African Cichlids - Local Only

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2022.01.22 23:00 Captain-Crunch222 Even higher milestones....

In today's Head Hunters event I see the the total points to reach milestone 15 has increased yet again, 15 million. Yet the rewards earned for achieving such score remain, well pathetic to honest. A hand full of diamonds, a tiny amount of battle tokens, 3k in bravo tickets and more useless gun tokens and gear that we don't need.
This needs to change. When we receive guns or gear we already own we are compensated with what, 10k in gold? Shouldn't we receive full value or be compensated in another way? What about continuing to earn useless currency for guns we've already won? Why is there no way to redeem this currency for something we actually need or want. Even if it was at a reduced exchange this would be far better then the current system of playing for nothing in return. Why should players even bother? This game is a business, I get it, but as a business isn't it to incentivize your customers to stay involved. Every change to game play, every new release of gear and guns is another failure of S3D and Wildlife Studio to understand their customers. This game has been and can still be a great product worthy of our time and money but only if your focus becomes fixing the issues and listening to the customer. My Arena Challenge has been broken since the change to MMR ranking. The recruiting boards are broken. The servers crash constantly. You admit yourself that these are problems you are aware of yet nothing changes. The community with the game is what makes it successful as a business. It's time for Wildlife Studios to recognize this and listen to them. The things we ask for are not unreasonable.
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2022.01.22 23:00 Life_Surprise_8471 Playing Hogwarts Mystery, Year 1: Chapter 3. Already played Gobstones with Rowan and I can’t tap on him to start a interaction. What’s going on?

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2022.01.22 23:00 Kassiem_42 Elon who!, Nayib is the real meme Lord!

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2022.01.22 23:00 JOEMAMA12806 Let's get her there

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2022.01.22 23:00 Lazy-Break5922 Not able to see the reward box on the merchants hot air balloon

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2022.01.22 23:00 hippyflowermama The randoms think about going to flower then they go back to veg. Definitely female...can't make up their mind 😉😁

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2022.01.22 23:00 QueEsVida03 I don’t like the I identify/identity description for the LGBTQ

I don’t identify as a man I AM a man; it’s how my brain is wired not just how I feel.
I think using identify as a descriptor of sexuality/gender implies that it is a choice when in reality it’s not. I just think tweeking the language to “I am _____” will help people see that being trans, bisexual, gay, etc isn’t a choice and is just how we are biologically built.
Sorry if this offends, I’m open for discussion if anyone would like to discuss their opinions on it.
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2022.01.22 23:00 keenumsbigballs Shower thought: Jim Caldwell should just charge teams a million dollars to interview him so they can say they complied with the Rooney rule.

Good fake business move...
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2022.01.22 23:00 ThrowRA134677543 Recommendations

Hey all, does anyone know anything about California labor laws. Or know anyone in Slo that does pro bono consultations for students?
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2022.01.22 23:00 WizeMellow Can a proffecional pianist use the Yamaha p-45?

I'm not a proffecional, but I wanted to buy a piano and try to become good at it since its a new year. I was wondering if this keyboard would be good enough to play some hard to play songs.
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2022.01.22 23:00 mechele2024 Finally doing my own name sign post.

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